Travel Hacks – Traveling with a Big Group

Traveling with a big group of friends can be really fun; however, it can get pretty stressful, too. There are too many things to take into consideration, which may create even more tension – especially if you’re a team leader. Don’t worry – here are five travel hacks for all the inexperienced leaders out there. Plan your trip like a pro and have the time of your life!

1Choose your companions wisely

Choosing your traveling companions is the first and one of the most important decisions to make before traveling to any destination. For that particular period of time, you’ll be bound to spend time with the same people, so make sure you get along with them. Just be prepared to find out about their habits you didn’t know about – it’s highly likely that these will annoy you, but hey – your friends will find out the same about you!

2Pack lightly

Packing lightly is probably one of the most common tips you hear all the time, but it gets even more vital when it comes to group tours. Trust us, a suitcase overflowing with clothes and other ‘necessities’ will make your traveling experience a real-life nightmare. Just think of hoisting it onto a bus, or finding a perfect spot for it in a small hotel room. Needless to mention, a giant bag won’t be your best friend in a hotel without an elevator, or if you need to use public transportation to reach your destination.

3Consider renting a house

Renting a house for your entourage may seem like a quite logical choice since it’ll help you get fantastic accommodation for an affordable price – you’ll definitely pay much less for one bigger house than for a dozen hotel rooms! Besides the financial perks, this has many other ones, such as the ability to cook whenever you want to, easy access to snacks, having a breakfast together… Possibilities are truly limitless! Check out sites/apps such as AirBnb or HomeAway in order to find an amazing house for your group of companions.

4Try to be as flexible as possible

Traveling with a big group means that there’s a strong probability that someone won’t get to do what they want, just because someone else insists on doing something completely different. Remember – pleasing everyone is almost impossible, which is exactly why you should divide into smaller groups that are up for different activities. If you feel like sipping at delicious cocktails by the pool – stay there and relax. On the other hand, if paragliding is your thing – no one should stop you from doing that. Flexibility is the key to success!

5Opt for appropriate means of transport

When traveling in a big group, choosing an appropriate mean of transport is crucial for many reasons. First of all, you definitely want to travel comfortably, while being able to sit next to each other and talk all the time. This may be a bit tricky because there are a lot of people included, which is exactly why booking the tickets can be problematic. It gets even worse if you go for a last-minute trip – it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find a certain number of available tickets for all the people in your group. That’s exactly why opting for bus charter is a perfect thing for your entourage – you’ll have a whole bus just for yourselves, which takes the traveling experience to a new level! Have that in mind the next time you’re planning a trip.


As you can see, traveling with a big group doesn’t have to be as stressful and frustrating as you probably thought – everything will be much easier if you’re well-organized and ready to reach a compromise. After all, you’ll have to take into consideration your companion’s’ needs and wishes, because they are people who take that trip together with you. Good luck with planning and have a nice time with your friends!


Roxana Oliver
Roxana Oliver is a travel enthusiast and lifestyle consultant from Sydney, Australia, she loves to write about her adventures around the globe. Roxana embraces a healthy lifestyle, she loves to run with her husband and dogs and has fun cooking exotic meals for her family. Being a typical Aussie, Oliver often hits the waves and adores beaches and sunshine!