Fjord en Kayak

Fjord en Kayak

Fjord en Kayak is a two-time gold medal winner of of the “Grands Prix du Tourisme Québécois,” the highest award of the Department of Tourism of Quebec.

Fjord en Kayak offers sea kayak guided tours: short family excursions including children 3-14 years of age, three-hour and all-day sea kayak tours, two days excursion for teenagers, two to four-day excursions for adults with gourmet meals.
Residents of the marine park, beluga whales are present throughout the year in the St. Lawrence, and in the Fjord during the summer. These whales give birth to their young in the summer particularly in July and August; so this is a critical time for the survival of calves and their mothers who need peace and quiet to raise and feed them and rest.

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