Some credit cards and drivers licenses come with embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) chips. Demonstrations have shown that hackers with handheld RFID readers can skim card information from as much as a few feet away, meaning that your credit card or drivers licence information could be vulnerable. While you could protect private info by wrapping your cards in aluminum foil, we suggest a stylish RFID-blocking wallet like the Crazy Horse Men’s Slim Bifold Wallet below from Kinzd.

Kinzd was started in Hong Kong and is named after the founders dog, it’s true! Since launching with a single (slim wallet) product over 5 years ago, they have delivered over 2.5 million wallets to 95 different countries and have diversified their product line to include items like belts and cosmetic bags.

Product Details

Mens Slim Bifold Leather Front Pocket Wallet

  • Color: khaki (seems darker than khaki to me, but that is what they call it)
  • Material: leather (they call it “Crazy Horse” leather, it seems to be thicker and a little rougher than the Napa leather they use in other products)
  • Dimensions: 4.65″ x 3.10″ x 0.47″ (11.6cm x 7.5cm x 1.0cm)
  • 6 credit card slots
  • Interior spring metal money clip (it is the color of brass but I am pretty sure it is colored steel, it seems very durable though)
  • RFID-blocking technology

Pros & Cons

The Men’s slim bifold leather wallet is very high quality, the leather and craftsmanship are top rate. I really like the look, feel, and character of the Crazy Horse leather, but those of you who are more refined might prefer the softer and glossier Napa leather that Kinzd uses in many of their other wallets. The functionality is very good, it carries just what I need and the spring loaded money clip works well.

The idea of stopping thieves from obtaining personal information is valid, and if you can find a wallet that meets all of your other needs then the addition of RFID blocking is a nice bonus, however, it should not be the reason you buy this wallet. RFID-based contactless payment systems have fallen out of favor among U.S. credit card companies. The focus instead has been to implement the European-style chip-and-PIN system known as EMV, which uses different technology and is less vulnerable to remote skimming. (It is true that EMV cards come with their own security risks, but again, an RFID-blocking wallet won’t help you with those.)

Bottom Line

This is a great wallet, it certainly will not replace a neck pouch or money belt when traveling, but it could nicely supplement one of those and it is perfect for everyday use. As noted above, the RFID protection is less important than you might think, but it certainly does not hurt to have. Based on the quality of the materials and workmanship of this wallet, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase any product from Kinzd. The cost is $17.99 and it is available on Amazon Prime, so you can save on shipping. Plus you can use the coupon code KINOFF20 and save 20% at either Amazon or

Pro Tip

These wallets are designed to shield the contactless credit cards, debit cards, and drivers licenses that operate at 13.56 MHz and above. Generally Only the new 13.56 MHz contactless cards contain sensitive personal data, but it is important to note that they do not shield non-smart cards or older low frequency 125 kHz proximity cards.

Some, but not all, of the products reviewed are provided either free or at a discount.  All reviews contain our honest views and opinions.