Frequently Asked Questions

How did you come up with the name and what is travel dew?

That is an excellent question.  Our use of the word travel is straight forward, but to understand the use of dew you have to look beyond the primary definition.  Merriam-Webster offers three definitions of dew:

  1. moisture condensed upon the surfaces of cool bodies especially at night
  2. something resembling dew in purity, freshness, or power to refresh
  3. moisture especially when appearing in minute droplets: as (a) tears, (b) sweat or (c) droplets of water produced by a plant in transpiration

When done well, we believe experiential travel is a fresher, more pure form of travel.  Plus, we think it is a catchy name and the URL was available.

Do you ever turn down completed interviews?

No one has been turned down yet!  However, we do ask for a couple of things with every interview.

  1. You need to be in a leadership role of some kind, we want to hear about the process of bringing experiences to life and what it takes to sustain them as a business.
  2. You need to have thoughtful responses to the interview questions.  We expect you to put a fair bit of work into this process, it will be more rewarding for you and for our readers.  If we don’t think you put enough work into your interview, we’ll tell you and you can always make it better.

I know someone who you should interview.  What do I do?

Fantastic.  We love it when our community refers interviews.  Please share the persons name and email with us through our contact page.

Can I suggest myself for an interview?

Yes.  If you are in a leadership role at an experiential travel organization than we are eager to hear from you, and so is our community of readers.

You’ve got a lot of questions in the interview, do I really need to answer all of them?

Yes.  Our goal with every interview that gets published is to give you exposure and provide value to our audience.  Keep in mind, there is no deadline and you get to portray yourself in the very best light possible.

What happens if I don’t answer all of them?

We may choose to not publish incomplete interviews, keeping in mind the interests of our audience.  If you skip one question, no big deal.  If you skip more than that, you run the risk of not being published.

I finished my interview.  What now?

Excellent, head on over to our submit page.

Will you proofread and edit my interview?

It is up to you to make sure there are no mistakes in the interview, but we will read through it as well.

More questions?

Go ahead and submit them through our contact page.