South America

Socompa experiential travel company

Fabrizio Ghilardi – Founder of Socompa

"​Open your mind, travel disconnected"
John Lee, Executive Chef and Co-Owner, Maya Beach Hotel & Bistro.

John Lee – Executive Chef and Co-Owner, Maya Beach Hotel & Bistro

"It’s great to be able to host people who want to visit an off-the-beaten path destination."
Fran & Ariela Kiradjian

Fran and Ariela Kiradjian of the Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association

"The future of boutique hotels is endless as we are no longer a trend, but a serious sector in the hotel world that everyone is following."
Helen Tomei of Sacred Earth Journeys

Helen Tomei – Founder of Sacred Earth Journeys

Helen Tomei’s passion for travel to exotic, soul-stirring places started at an early age. As a child, she was fascinated by National Geographic and...
Annie Young of EcoCircuitos Panama.

Annie Young – Founder of EcoCircuitos Panama

"We believe interpretation and interaction is the key in an authentic travel experience."
Enrique Umbert Jr. of Mountain Lodges of Peru

Enrique Umbert Jr. – General Manager at Mountain Lodges of Peru

"we create unique experiences by avoiding traditional tourist itineraries and instead go to remote places where guests can find authentic and spontaneous culture."

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