Adam Walker, owner of Canmore Cave Tours

Canmore Cave Tours take you to a wild, undeveloped cave under Grotto Mountain; near Banff and Canmore, Alberta, Canada! By wild they mean: no interior lighting, no handrails, no walkways; a cave in its natural state.

Discover the rich history of Rats Nest Cave; including how animals and humans have used the cave. Examine stalactites, stalagmites, animal bones and fossils. Learn about the geology of the picturesque Bow Valley, in the Canadian Rockies, where Banff and Canmore are located.
Rat’s Nest Cave was designated a Provincial Historic Site in 1987. Access to the cave is restricted to protect the delicate environment within. The Rat’s Nest Cave has over 4 km of explored passage, and lies under Grotto Mountain near Canmore, Alberta.

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