Worlds Most Incredible Wildlife Destinations

Are you ready to dive into the world of the most fascinating creatures which inhabit the earth? Surely a trip to the local zoo will give you a slight insight into the life of these extraordinary beasts, but if you wish to take your adventure to the next level, then it’s probably better to visit these beings in their natural habitat. Nothing can compare to the feeling of observing animals in their natural surroundings, watching them behave, hunt and survive in the wilderness. Whether you’re interested in splendid marine life or perhaps something more ferocious with its paws firmly on the ground, these wildlife destinations will surely leave you breathless.

Costa Rica

Because of its favorable geographical position and its neurotropic climate, Costa Rica is known to have the highest density of biodiversity in the whole world. It is home to more than 500,000 species among which you can find some of the most wonderful species of butterflies and moths, but also amphibians, reptiles and birds. For those who don’t have much experience with wildlife, but also for those who do, Costa Rica represents a true wildlife paradise and can be a great starting point for your endeavors.

The Big Five Safari in Africa

When thinking about free animals roaming in the wild, most of us immediately think of Africa. After all, this continent is widely recognized as one with the worlds’ greatest wildlife, including the exceptional Big Five Safari where you have an opportunity to observe lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards and black rhinos in their natural habitat. Of course, Africa offers plenty of more to see from the savanna’s Great Migration to some of the best National Parks with zebras, jackals, hyenas and hippos.

Manta Rays in the Maldives

The King’s Land as it is so commonly called attracts people from all around the globe and not just for its reputation of being a splendid honeymoon destination embellished with white sand beaches and azure waters. The Maldives archipelago offers much more than you can think of, as this tropical haven with its colorful coral reefs and majestic blue lagoons gives visitors a chance to dive with manta rays and whale sharks throughout the year.

Polar Bears in the Arctic

Heading to the northernmost part of the Earth, the polar region of the Arctic is truly an amazing destination for those who are not afraid of nearly freezing temperatures. Of course, the Arctic climate has its perks, as it allows visitors to enjoy the view of polar bears and their magnificent skills of ice fishing. Among others, you might catch a glimpse of arctic white foxes, snow owls or even wolverines and ermines. If you focus your attention to the ice cold waters, the sights of narwhals, belugas and killer whales will surely leave you speechless.

Red Deer in Scotland

Get out your equipment, turn on your wildlife cameras and start recording, because the Isle of Rum just off the coast of mainland Scotland gives you an opportunity to witness the annual red deer rut. Every year male deer enter a fierce competition to win the hearts of lovely female red deer. This yearly competition holds something truly enchanting to it and those who are interested to observe this event should plan their visit somewhere between mid-September and mid-November.

There’s no better way to experience the true essence of the world and its marvelous creatures than to observe their movements, instincts and habits out there in the wilderness. The amazing animal kingdom holds many secrets and it’s up to you to try and discover them all.

Diana Smith
Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls, great animal lover and a passionate traveler. In her free time she enjoys exploring exciting destinations with her family.