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Cynthia LeCount Samaké

Cynthia LeCount Samaké – Owner of Behind the Scenes Adventures

"we interact with the local culture on a level that most tourists never experience"
Alexa Stickel - Founder of TropicAves

Alexa Stickel – Founder of TropicAves

Alexa was born in Geneva, Switzerland and grew up in Miami, Florida. She originally came to Costa Rica as a college sophomore on a...

Gary Roberson – CEO and developer of Indiana Caverns

Gary Roberson crawled into his first cave on his first Boy Scout camping trip as a Tenderfoot scout in 1958. He became an active...

Bayard Fox – Founder Equitours Worldwide Horseback Riding Vacations

"the value of travel depends not just on the time given to it, but also on whether it is superficial or in depth"
Perry Gotell of Tranquility Cove Adventures

Perry Gotell – Owner of Tranquility Cove Adventures

"when you take the Experience itself, add the stories, awaken the senses, then bring in the unique beauty of an eastern PEI coastline, your building something awesome."
Jennifer Haddow - Wild Women Expeditions

Jennifer Haddow – Owner of Wild Women Expeditions

"We try to bring awareness to the real, authentic life of the places we visit."
Vicky Smith - Earth Changers

Vicky Smith – Founder of Earth Changers

"we feature life-changing places, with world-changing people, for extraordinary experiences with purpose"
G L-f de Villiers, the Very Best in New Orleans Historic Tours

Glenn Louis DeVillier – Historian & Director at G L-f de...

"We offer a depth of knowledge that comes from formal study and having grown-up in the culture."

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New Caledonia Trip Report

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Homestays - The Essence of Experiential Travel


Once I sat down and thought about it, I was surprised at how much accommodation dictates the rest of your trip. Many people know and are familiar with hostels and hotels, but not all are so familiar with homestays.
What Fuels Your Passion For Travel?

What Fuels Your Passion For Travel?

The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) has released a new report, “North American Adventure Travelers: Seeking Personal Growth, New Destinations and Immersive Culture,” which offers insight into...
Tara Canyon – the Balkan’s Natural Wonderland

Tara Canyon – The Balkans Natural Wonderland

Are you looking for something new to do this summer? Many consider Tara Canyon, a hidden jewel in the Balkans with amazing nature, fresh...
A Tropical Escape to French Polynesia

A Tropical Escape to French Polynesia

The name French Polynesia alone provides an infinite source of inspiration for daydreaming, let alone a visit to its enchanting islands with turquoise waters,...
Experience Sydney, Australia Like a Local

Experience Sydney Like a Local

As one of the most desirable urban locations of the world, it’s no wonder that Sydney is visited by millions of tourists every year....