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Sophia Simon - Detour Odisha

Sophia Simon – Founder of Detour Odisha

"We care about two things, people and places."

Mark Hutson – Owner and lead guide at New Zealand Sea...

"I'm motivated by meeting guests, being out there in the coastal environment, camping and exploring all there is to see in this part of NZ."

Keith Swenson – Founder of Stone Horse Expeditions & Travel

Keith Swenson is the founder of Stone Horse Expeditions & Travel and has many years of experience with wilderness expeditions, managing protected areas and advising...
Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad

Greg Vreeland – Owner of the Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad

The Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad is one of the few family owned heritage railroad operations in the county.  The railroad was founded in 1997...
Annie Young of EcoCircuitos Panama.

Annie Young – Founder of EcoCircuitos Panama

"We believe interpretation and interaction is the key in an authentic travel experience."

Dave Leishman – Owner of the Bar W

To say that Dave Leishman has embraced Montana is an understatement.   Dave Leishman an East Coast native first came to Montana over 15 years...

Norm Dove – Owner of Echo Valley Ranch & Spa

"There is an unpretentious family-style atmosphere at the ranch and our guest really appreciate the purity of the environment ..."

Steve Helms – Primland Vice President

Steve was born and raised in Meadows of Dan, Virginia and still resides on the family farm. He attended Meadows of Dan Elementary School...

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